Watch: The Zolas - "Knot In My Heart"

A dazzling stop-motion video takes The Zolas' "Knot In My Heart" into a surreal world...From the Vancouver band's October album Ancient Mars. That's Zola-man Zach Grey gliding around the streets with all the Polaroids. "The idea to make a stop motion piece was in the original treatment," says the video's director Sean Arden. "In the end we shot over 3,000 frames at night, each one a long exposure. All of the location shooting with live characters took six grueling nights, from dusk 'til dawn. There was a moment I remember standing on the street at 4 am knowing that I just had to get ten yards ahead but knowing that it would take three hours to do that. It was a bit excruciating … After four hours of shooting we'd have ten measly seconds of actual footage but the worst part was that those ten seconds looked so beautiful we couldn't even whine about it."