Watch: Melanie de Biasio - "The Flow"

What happens when you get a jazz singer who has a fondness for Radiohead, The Velvet Underground and Pink Floyd alongside Nina Simone and Abby Lincoln? Perhaps, Melanie de Biasio, a Belgian chanteuse whose exquisite, darkly hued songs use the pin-drop-quiet spaces between the notes as yet another instrument at her disposal. "Low in volume and high in seductive impact," writes one critic, "it's when the tempo crawls and forms are distended that she generates her most powerfully absorbing atmospheres." From her latest album No Deal, the mesmerizing, eminently soulful "The Flow" shows us exactly how it's done. Click through to stream "Sweet Darling Pain."

Melanie De Biasio: Live à Fip du 6 février 2014 by Fipradio