Watch: Mairead - "Only You"

We're wearing our pre-Valentines Day sentimentality proudly (if somewhat guiltily) on our sleeves today with "Only You", a video from 23-year-old Irish singer Mairead Carlin. Debut album Songbook is scheduled for a March 31 in the U.K. and features lush but simply presented covers from the likes of Yazoo -- who did the original "Only You" on their 1982 Upstairs At Eric's album -- Don McLean, Elvis Presley and Brit folkie Ralph McTell ("Streets of London"). “It’s funny,” says Mairead, “but I’m obsessed with anything vintage. I love vintage clothes and trying them on to try to find the story within them and see how they fit. That’s how I feel about these songs - I like to try them on and see how they fit." While we think "Only You" (and "Daisy" -- video below) are sweet enough to make your teeth hurt -- thanks, in great measure, to Mairead's rather angelic voice --  there's something to be said for a performance this pure, natural and unpretentious.