Watch: Hafdis Huld - "Queen Bee"

"Queen Bee" is the lead track for the forthcoming spring release Home (date TBA) by Icelandic alt-pop/folk songwriter Hafdis Huld. "'Queen Bee' is a song I wrote for my neighbour Jón bóndi (John the farmer) to thank him for giving me my dog Mosi," writes Huld. "The song describes the atmosphere in the valley in Iceland where I live and how I experienced life here after being in a big city for ten years.  Here life moves at a different pace and there is more time to just exist. The video was made by Alisdair Wright who, I think you'll agree, has done an a-m-a-z-i-n-g job." Huld took some time off to have a baby after the release of her second album, 2010' Synchronised Swimmers -- an album we described as "radiant...finds that special place that resides just left of center in the sphere of deliciously melodic and witty alt-pop."