Watch: Ane Brun - "Daring To Love"

"Daring To Love" is a song Ane Brun wrote for the acclaimed dramatic film A Thousand Times Goodnight starring Academy-award winner Juliette Binoche as a morally conflicted photojournalist profiling female Afghan suicide bombers. It's also a track from her recently-released Rarities album, a collection of non-album singles, compilation songs, covers, live tracks and more. Brun begins a ten-date North American tour in February -- click through to check the specifics and read more about Rarities, the follow up to her May retrospective release Songs 2003-2013.

Ane Brun Tour Dates:

February 11            Vienna, VA                   Jammin Java*

February 12            New York, NY              Highline Ballroom*

February 13             Montreal, QC              L’Astral*

February 14            Toronto, ON                Rivoli*

February 15            Chicago, IL                  Schubas Tavern*

February 17            Vancouver, BC            Electric Owl*

February 18            Seattle, WA                 Crocodile Lounge*

February 19            San Francisco, CA        Yoshis*

February 21            San Deigo, CA              Casbah*

February 22            Los Angeles, CA           The Mint*


According to Brun, “Rarities is a compilation of songs and recordings that have either not been released, or have been released on other compilations or as singles. This is a way to empty our cupboards of recordings that have been lying around, and another way to mark my ten year anniversary as an artist.” The collection includes covers of Björk and The Beatles, among others, as well as new versions of fan favorites and previously unreleased songs. See below for full track listing.

Rarities collects some of the more private moments from Brun’s career. Her cover of “Halo” derives from a tradition of singing the song backstage to warm up on her 2009 tour with The Diamonds. The Beatles’ “From Me To You” and Amerie’s “1 Thing” were recorded alone in Brun’s Stockholm studio. The piano version of “Oh Love,” is a recording of a performance of the song for a small group of friends.

On the other hand, Rarities also includes some very public moments released for the first time. Brun’s rendition of Björk’s “Joga” was recorded at the 2012 Polar Prize Award Ceremony in front of Björk herself and a TV audience of millions. Brun remembers being “as nervous as I’ve ever been, both before and after.” Fans may recognize the new version of “Humming One of Your Songs,” the first track from Brun’s very first album, from renditions at live shows the past few years.

Brun was born in Norway and lives in Stockholm. She has recorded eight albums over the last ten years. In 2005, her second album A Temporary Dive earned her critical acclaim at home and abroad and the Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist. Her third album The Changing Of The Seasons was recorded in Iceland by Valgier Sigursson, of which the New York Times said, “Changing of the Seasons offers the kind of comfort that only well-versed singer-songwriters can give. An album full of sad songs to revel in as the days grow shorter and colder, Seasons is Brun’s strongest work yet.” Songs 2003-2013 was a confirmation of Brun’s achievements as a songwriter, and Rarities furthers that proclamation, celebrating the less-known corners of Brun’s catalog.


CD 1

1. All My Tears

2. Halo (feat. Linnea Olsson)

3. Daring To Love

4. From Me To You

5. Tragedy

6. Ain't No Cure For Love

7. Orphan Girl

8. 1 Thing

9. If I Had A Ribbon Bow

10. It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)

11. Oh Love (Piano Version)



1. The Opening (Ane Brun & Fleshquartet)

2. Jóga - Live at the Polar Music Prize 2010

3. Falling Down

4. Virvelvind

5. Fly On The Windscreen (Ane Brun & Vince Clarke)

6. Humming One Of Your Songs 2013

7. Crawfish (Ane Brun & Club Killers)

8. Petrified Forest Road

9. She Belongs To Me