Wake Owl - Wild Country EP

Performing songwriter Colyn Cameron is creative principal at the core of Wake Owl, a Vancouver folk/rock collective that's been creating some critical waves and solid buzz up north since the release of their excellent 2011 debut EP Wild Country in Canada. Since we first tipped you to Wake Owl last April, Cameron has signed to Vagrant here in the U.S. and Wake Owl will make its first stateside appearance with the digital release of Wild Country on January 29 (CD will follow February 26). The loose and limber strumfest is kicked off by the stately title track, the jangle of guitars and toe-tapping 4/4 pulse setting the stage for Cameron's multi-tracked harmonies with a whiff of 70's Laurel Canyon incense. "Gold" (listen below) glitters with some intricate picking, a sharp backbeat kick and Cameron's just-ragged-enough vocals, a sing-a-long, clap-a-long gem that slowly builds to an anthemic peak.

Wake Owl - 'Wild Country'
Wake Owl - 'Gold'