Veronica Falls - Waiting For Something To Happen

Veronica Falls' preternatural fondness for vintage 60's jangle pop/rock anthems isn't just confined to a subtle reference or stylistic tic. The London quartet gets the retro sound down to the point where you're half-expecting to hear the sound of a 45 drop on a dusty hi-fi in between songs. As the successor to their 2011 self-titled debut, new longplayer Waiting For Something to Happen (February 5) may predictably count down the nostalgic reference points -- British Invasion 3-minute rushes of 3-chord riffs, Laurel Canyon 60's folk/pop on a bender of acid and amphetamines and even a touch of 70's New Wave-y goodness with a nod to punky aesthetics -- but there's something all rather disarming about the strummy earnestness of it all. "Teenage" remains the standout hooky calling card, a near-perfect mix of chiming guitar riffs and celestial harmonies -- albeit draped in an intentionally hazy, equally vintage lo-fi mix. The music video, looking like it was shot on a Sears Super-8 camera (of course), follows below along with a stream for "Buried Alive"...

Veronica Falls - 'Teenage' (from Waiting For Something To Happen)

Veronica Falls - 'Buried Alive' (from Waiting For Something to Happen) Download