Two Hour Traffic - Foolish Blood

Two Hour Traffic - Foolish Blood (February 19) - Canadian band revels in a resurgence of classic power pop with their new Blood, combining the energy of 70's punk and new wave with a bracing shot of retro Brit Invasion melody, harmony and shiny guitar riffs...An altered lineup and a new producer Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, the Sadies, the New Pornographers) finds the band focusing to an even greater degree on a sound unfettered by trendy indie rock hipness. Lead track "Last Star" is a good example of what the band's bio refers to as "upbeat pop bangers" or what we called "crisp three-minute songs that sound like they've been found on some stray cassette under the front seat of your best friend's car." Stream "Audrey" after the jump and the full album at the band's site...

Two Hour Traffic - 'Last Star' (from Foolish Blood)

Two Hour Traffic - 'Audrey' (from Foolish Blood)