Tristen: CAVES

Tristen likes to color outside the lines. But that would assume of course, that she even sees those particular creative borders. Described as "Nashville's best kept secret" by the Boston Globe upon the release of her fizzy, delightfully off-kilter retro-meets-alternative pop/folk debut Charlatans At The Garden Gate, the spunky Ms. Gaspadarek blazed bold and blazed bright with wit and lack of precious irony. The recently released follow up CAVES delivers more left-of-center tunes mixing 60's girl-group panache, ditzy 80's New Wave pop glitz (dig the syn-drums!) and straight-to-the-heart indie un-mannerisms. We opined that Charlatans was "Nancy Sinatra growing up in a redneck bar...go-go boots with spurs" and opening CAVES track "No One's Gonna Know" has that glistening pop lacquer with soft candy center (and with nary a big hat or a steel guitar in earshot). Of equal delight is the breezy 80's styled "Gold Star," a song we happily give a big gold star to thanks to a hook you'll be humming for days. Click through to watch the CAVES shimmying Shindig-gy trailer and stream "No One's Gonna Know."

Tristen - "Gold Star" (from CAVES)

Tristen - "No One's Gonna Know" (from CAVES)