The Trouble With Templeton - Rookie

UPDATE: Singer/songwriter Thomas Calder is the creative frontman behind The Trouble With Templeton, an Australian folk/pop collective that balances moody and soul-searching acousticism with an artful and unpredictable edge. The band's debut album Bleeder was a fairly somber affair with angst-loaded songs flirting with indulgent navel gazing meditations. But in the fall of 2012, Calder and crew unleashed "Six Months In A Cast" (video below) and it was clear that something remarkably different was afoot with a song we opined "snaps and pops with a shot of pure adrenaline." Released last summer in Australia and arriving stateside May 12 via Bella Union, Rookie picks up that sonic sense of urgency and runs with it for much of the album. Sharp, smart and confident, songs like new single "Soldiers," album opener "Whimpering Child," and "Heavy Lifting" (click through below to stream) reveal a collection of nimble art/pop songs that are as hooky as they are happily askew.

The Trouble With Templeton - "Soldiers" (from Rookie)

The Trouble With Templeton - "Heavy Lifting" (from Rookie)