The Rescues - Blah Blah Love and War

Adrianne Gonzalez (AG), Kyler England, Rob Giles, and Gabriel Mann are all L.A.-based singers, songwriters and seasoned solo performers. When they join forces they're also The Rescues, a singing/songwriting band who signed with Universal Republic in 2009 and released their fine full-length debut Let Loose The Horses the following year, a collection of exuberant and sophisticated pop/rock songs that exhibited a pronounced Fleetwood-Mac-ian flair. Now after a rough patch of soul-searching and bewilderment with the "business" of music and free of label constraints and pressures, The Rescues have regrouped for a long-awaited fan-funded album Blah Blah Love and War due early next year (January 15). The attitude is confident, the writing assured and the performances reinvigorated as the four tunesmiths trade songs and roles, blending their vocals into seamless harmony while instrumentally adding a playful, decidedly un-acoustic kick. The Rescues' sound is big and forceful, energized and electric as songs like the anthemic opener "Did It Really Even Matter" and slow building "Bigger Picture" raise both the bar and the stakes for a band whose time just may have finally come.

The Rescues - "Did It Really Even Matter" (from Blah Blah Love and War)

The Rescues - "Bigger Picture" (from Blah Blah Love and War)