The Kennedys - Closer Than You Know

With eleven well-received albums over their two-decade career and fresh from producing the latest album from Nanci Griffith, New York singer/songwriters Maura and Pete Kennedy wanted something new. Then a stay in Paris sparked an interesting concept for The Kennedys' new album Closer Than You Know (August 21): marrying their own folk/pop style to songs inspired by the French Impressionistic composers like Debussy and Ravel. The classical influences are subtle but new tracks like album opener "Winter", with its dense, shimmering layers and grand scale orchestration, and lush strumming "I'll Come Over" help make the self-released Closer Than You Know a prime example of modern folk/rock done right. Says Jim Farber of the NY Daily News, "Maura Kennedy's voice rests wistfully on music that makes Burt Bacharach-style somber pop."

The Kennedys - "Winter" (from Closer Than You Know)

The Kennedys - "I'll Come Over" (from Closer Than You Know)