The Electric Soft Parade - Idiots

Alex and Thomas White are the sibling duo at the creative heart of the '02 Mercury-prize-nominated The Electric Soft Parade, a Brighton U.K. band that sport their '60s, '70s and '80s pop/rock influences like badges of irony-free honor. Idiots, their fourth longplayer in a just over a decade and first since 2007, is an unpretentious and organic mix of Brit Invasion jangle, New Wave-y energy and modern dream pop, Brian-Wilson harmonies happily riding atop a swoon of melodies that simultaneously recall ELO, Del Amitri, Prefab Sprout and Belle and Sebastian. "We just wanted to pare everything down to its most essential parts," says brother Alex. "Everything on the record has to be there, and anything that wasn't needed went." Stream "Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone" and check out videos by clicking through below.

The Electric Soft Parade - "Summertime In My Heart" (from Idiots)

The Electric Soft Parade - "Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone" (from Idiots)