The Daydream Club - Found EP

After meeting at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts a few years back, Adam Pickering and Paula Walker joined creative forces for The Daydream Club, a promising Brit folk/pop duo that have just released their new EP Found in the U.K. as the follow up to the 2010 full-length debut Overgrown. After more electro-pop beginnings, the pair found that playing live orchestrated a drift to a more organic and acoustic sound. The Daydream Club studio recordings lean heavily on swooning, sweeping multi-tracked harmonies, a production strategy that creates an almost choir-like vocal sound. Walker and Pickering have also shown a fondness for mixing things up and the new EP is accompanied by Found Remixed, alternate reworkings of the tracks in a more beat-driven and experimental atmosphere. Click through to watch Found's title track video and stream "Soundwaves of Gold" (with a link to the remix).

Adam Pickering and Paula Walker

The Daydream Club - "Fear of Wolves" (from the Found EP)

The Daydream Club - "Soundwaves of Gold" (from the Found EP) Remix here