The Dark Flowers - Radioland

The Dark Flowers is a multi-artist collaborative project spearheaded by Paul Statham, a British songwriter who is best known for his work with Dido, Peter Murphy of Bauhaus and Jim Kerr of Simple Minds. Described by Statham as "exploring the dark heart of America", debut album Radioland (January 21, U.K.) is brimming with atmospheric and ethereal textures -- think Bon Iver's "For Emma" crossed with Brian Eno -- that sound like the spectral soundtrack to some moody lost western. Kerr is one of the project's key vocal recruits, tackling three of the Radioland's songs (including the title track) while Murphy, Norwegian electronica songstress Kate Havnevik, Dot Allison, Catherine AD, Helicopter Girl and Shelley Poole fill out the vocal roster. Like the best conceptual albums, there's a cohesive dramatic flow throughout Radioland that makes one track meld easily with the next. We're particularly taken with the lush cinematic elements of "No Trains Stop Here" featuring Catherine AD while fine lead single "Fast Forest Rain" with Kate Havnevik can be streamed below.

The Dark Flowers featuring Catherine AD- 'No Trains Stop Here' (from Radioland

The Dark Flowers featuring Kate Havnevik - 'Fast Forest Rain' (from Radioland)