The Audreys - 'Til My Tears Roll Away

It's been a little more than three years since we heard from The Audreys, the Down Under duo of singer Taasha Keys and guitarist Tristan Goodall. Following up a trio of ARIA-Award-winning albums, 'Til My Tears Roll Away (March 14), again produced by Shane O'Mara, is a grittier, beefier slice of roots folk songs, adding a stark, electric blues and alt-country edge to the acoustic jangle on tracks like "Darlin' Girl" and "Roll Away." As one critic put it, "they've always had (emotion) in spades, but now it has balls and an attitude." While the setting has clearly moved from folk club to roadhouse, there are still some less raucous moments on Tears, most notably the tender barstool ballad "Bring The Stars Out." Click through to watch "Roll Away" and stream "Keep Your Company."

The Audreys - "Bring The Stars Out" (from 'Til My Tears Roll Away)

The Audreys - "Keep Your Company" (from 'Til My Tears Roll Away)