Taylor Barton - Everybody Knows

Taylor Barton has an enviable resume that reaches far beyond her musical background as a singer/songwriter or, as is usually mentioned, the wife of guitarist, producer and former Saturday Night Live band mainstay G.E. Smith. But while she's also a playwright, poet, dancer, filmmaker, environmental activist and novelist, new album Everybody Knows (Green Mirror) refocuses on her talents as a songstress. Produced by Patti Smith bassist Tony Shanahan, the album is a collection of folk/rock songs that Hot Tuna guitarist Jorma Kaukonen says "will carry you to a place where you will feel at home, comfortable in your own skin." Clearly, that sentiment is derived from Barton's own easy confidence on songs like her latest single "Blindsided" where chiming Tom-Petty-styled riffs become the backdrop for a song that's part rock anthem, part folk hymn. We're also fond of the sweet melancholy in the spotlight of "Heartache on the Hudson" and the jangle-rock punch of "Train's Coming." Click through for more...

Taylor Barton - "Blindsided" (from Everybody Knows)

Taylor Barton - "Train's Coming" (from Everybody Knows)