Tarmac Adam - The History Effect

Tarmac Adam - The History Effect (2/19) - A mere decade after releasing their debut Handheld Torch, the Aussie duo of songwriter Matt O'Donnell and multi-instrumentalist Steve Paix return with a dozen spry and accomplished (sm)art-pop songs...It's no wonder that Nick Seymour of Crowded House reprises his sideman role in Tarmac Adam -- both outfits favor the sweet melodic punch of a nicely turned out three-and-a-half minute song...One of the album's finest tracks, the wistful "You As Me", is lush and lovely throwback to an era when shimmering guitar lines, ticking percussion and some sweet vocal interplay (with Down Under singer/songwriter Maddy Hay) are all that's required or desired...Stream (and download) "Bygones" after the jump...

Tarmac Adam - 'You and Me' (with Maddy Hay) (from The History Effect)

Tarmac Adam - 'Bygones' from The History Effect) Download