Sons of Fathers - Burning Days

Burning Days (April 2) is the sophomore effort from Sons of Fathers -- aka David Beck and Paul Cauther -- a Texas-bred duo whose immaculate harmonies, we've said, "sound like they've been melded in perfect parallel splendor." What once began as an coupling of alt-folk and acoustic Americana has expanded to a rich and occasionally rocking roadhouse country sound, pedal steel, banjo and bristling electric southern rock riffs mingling with ease. But despite the ragged, rough-hewn notch up in power, it's the exquisite vocal harmonies of Beck and Cauther -- and a songwriting style that draws on the likes of Crosby, Stills and Nash and vintage Byrds along with the stalwarts of Lone Star musical tradition -- that fuel the Sons' Burning Days. Check out the intricate, effortless interplay at work in "Selfish Mind" and then click through to stream "Not This Time." Listen to the full album at RELIX.

Sons of Fathers - 'Selfish Mind' (from Burning Days)

Sons of Fathers - 'Not This Time' (from Burning Days)