Smoke Fairies - Blood Speaks

London's Smoke Fairies -- aka Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire -- began their musical journey concocting a fluid and rather unusual, genre-blurring mix of traditional British psych/folk with a distinctive whiff of uniquely American swampy blues and dusty Appalachian Americana on their debut album Ghosts and follow up Through Smoke and Trees. But beyond what we've called the duo's "oddly compelling and blissfully incongruous" songcraft, Davies and Blamire evolved into something deeper, darker and dirtier with Blood Speaks, their assured 2011 third album that will finally see a U.S. release March 25. We tipped you to the Fairies' sweet jammy interplay and retro-psychedelica of the razor sharp "Let Me Know" last summer but there's a lot more here to be savored in this Blood-rare dish, particularly the sweetly and tightly wound alt-pop madrigal "Awake" (listen below). "We've got more confident in what we're doing, and so we've pushed things a bit more," says Katherine. "We've gotten bolder with the dynamics, and our influences have broadened."

Smoke Fairies - 'Let Me Know' (From Blood Speaks) '
Smoke Fairies - 'Awake' (From Blood Speaks) '

Banner Photo Credit: Niall Oswald