Shannon Labrie - Just Be Honest

Curmudgeonly Bob Lefsetz likes next to nothing. But he likes Shannon Labrie’s “I Remember A Boy.” “This track affected me,” he wrote in his widely read The Lefsetz Letter. “Made me believe like the great singer-songwriters of yore, maybe this woman has something to say.” American Songwriter and M: Music & Musicians have featured Labrie, while Music Connection named her one of the Best Unsigned Artists of 2012 with “an appealing Grace Potter essence.” Labrie cops to being influenced by Bob Dylan, Lauryn Hill and James Taylor, which helped shape the stylish songs on her debut album, Just Be Honest. The soft, aching “I Remember A Boy,” which Music Connection called “devastating,” was the “first of many that came after the worst two years of my life,” Labrie told American Songwriter. “In the midst of my hurt I longed for the days when everything was uncomplicated and sweet.” Stream Just Be Honest's fine title track and watch the video for "I Remember A Boy" after the jump...

Shannon Labrie - 'I Remember A Boy' (from Just Be Honest)

Shannon Labrie - 'Just Be Honest' (from Just Be Honest)

Shannon Labrie is a Direct Current sponsored artist.