Seth Glier - Things I Should Let You Know

Seth Glier’s “exquisite tenor echoes Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel,” says USA Today. Those are strong, attention-grabbing words. Glier’s got more strong words in his story. Words like: Grammy® nomination. And James Taylor, Ani DiFranco, Emmylou Harris and Ryan Adams have all followed Seth onstage, so they know about his passionate live sets. The Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter and pianist/guitarist is good for 250+ shows a year, so naturally, Glier’s out gallivanting around the Eastern half of the USA now until early May. Many of the songs on the just-released Things I Should Let You Know, Glier’s third, were written on the road — where else? — and recordings were done in odd places, like a Cleveland fan’s kitchen and one San Francisco fan’s rooftop. Paradoxically, while Glier uses the lyrics on Things I Should Let You Know to reveal a very personal glimpse of a young artist coming into his own, "a reckoning with adulthood” as he puts it, he also went less personal in another way by working with other writers for the first time, notably Livingston Taylor, Ellis Paul and Marshall Altman. Stream "Down to the Wire" after the jump...

Seth Glier - 'Man I Used To Be' (from Things I Should Let You Know)

Seth Glier - 'Down To The Wire' (from Things I Should Let You Know)