Roo Panes - Land of the Living EP

When 23-year-old Brit troubadour Roo Panes sent his music and a few pics off to Burberry in London, little did he know that he would not only be chosen for their excellent Burberry Acoustic showcase on the famed fashion label's website -- he would also end up as the "face" of one of their seasonal ad campaigns. Fortunately, Panes offers a lot more than just nicely structured cheekbones. New five-tracker Land of the Living (December 2, CRC) is the third in a series of EPs that demonstrate his songwriting chops and an understated and comfortably charismatic voice. DC fave "Little Giant,' previewed earlier this year, wears its Nick Drake influences comfortably as Panes delivers one of the most enticing and sweetly mellow "howls" of recent memory. Click through to stream "Home From Home" and check out some videos.

Roo Panes - "Litte Giant" (from Land of the Living)

Roo Panes - "Home From Home" (from Land of the Living)