RADAR: Whitley

Lawrence Greenwood, a 28-year-old Australian singer/songwriter who utilized the name Whitley for himself and his band, has a lot on his mind. In the three years since his sophomore album Go Forth, Greenwood pretty much took the title to heart and headed to the U.K., Peru, the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico and the hillsides of the Italian Tuscany region, ditching his pseudonym and searching for his soul, his music and his sanity with a little help from some heady philosophers and the occasional side trip into psychedelics. And now, happily for us, he's back. New album Even The Stars Are A Mess, out this week in Australia, is an ambitious, sprawling mix of dreamy, downtempo folk and shadowy alternative pop that is, at once, thoughtfully wistful and quietly epic. Lead single "My Heart Is Not A Machine" is a magnificent first taste as Greenwood's voice entwines gently with Esther Holt's as flickering guitar lines and a beating pulse of a rhythmic backdrop set the dreamscape mood.

Whitley - "My Heart Is Not A Machine" (from Even The Stars Are A Mess)