RADAR: The Wild Feathers

Nashville's The Wild Feathers defy easy categorization and we're guessing that's just the way they like it. Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston Wimberly each grew up with their own grab bag of influences as they stumped solo and hit the road with various bands before they all met up one fortuitous day in Austin and decided to meld their various musical styles into one unruly and rambunctious entity. They namecheck Petty, The Allmans, The Band, Neil and Willie as well as drawing on contemporaries like Ryan Adams, Delta Spirit. The music is sweaty and real, a mix of country bar twang, hard blues n' boogie and southern rock pursued through the rough side of the Americana tracks. Signed to Warner Brothers on the strength of some blistering demo tracks and a raise-the-roof live show, The Wild Feathers keep a loose rein on their rollicking, heel-stamping songs, early teasers like "Backwoods Company" and the killer 6 minute "The Ceiling" (both available as free downloads) providing potent shots of gravity and grit. A full-length debut is due later this year. Videos below...

The Wild Feathers - 'The Ceiling'

The Wild Feathers - 'Backwoods Company'