RADAR: The Trouble With Templeton

Singer/songwriter Thomas Calder is the creative frontman behind The Trouble With Templeton, an Australian folk/pop collective that balances moody and soul-searching acousticism with an artful and unpredictable edge. The band's debut album Bleeder is a fairly somber and often bleak affair with angst-loaded songs like "When Will" and "Little Quirk" and the aptly titled "Tired" flirting, at times, a little too closely with indulgent navel gazing meditations. But then along comes new single "Six Months In A Cast" and suddenly all bets are off. With a kicking, urgent drum beat and some string-breaking, strum and drang, "Six Months" snaps and pops with shot of pure adrenaline, a series of sharp jagged melodic hooks and a change-of-pace bridge near the end that's nothing short of a marvel. Watch the most excellent Hitchcock-inspired black and white video below.

The Trouble With Templeton - "Six Months In A Cast"

The Trouble With Templeton - "Bleeders" (from the album Bleeders)