RADAR: The Mouth of Ghosts

Dark, gothy minor chord art/rock meets spacious trip-hop vibe with London's The Mouth of Ghosts, a new band that sounds like they're tuning in Evanescence and Portishead on the same mysterious wavelength. Frontwoman Alla Seydalieva is the explosive ace in the hand here, a powerhouse vocalist who has not only the pipes but unpacks the alluring siren-like drama when needed as well. New single "When The Sun Sets" (amazing iPhone-shot video below) is also the best track we've heard so far, a nocturnal anthem that has piqued the interest of BBC 6's resident tastemaker Tom Robinson (who pegged it as "effortless, ethereal and gorgeous"). Listen how Seydalieva evolves from airy whisper to magnificent, full-throated charge as the band grooves on omenously in the shadows. No word on a full-length yet though the band is promising more music by the end of the year. New demo "Winter Song" here.

The Mouths of Ghosts - "When The Sun Sets"

The Mouths of Ghosts - "Close"