RADAR: The Mispers

Less than a year has passed since their inception, but there's a strong and steady buzz surrounding The Mispers, a five-piece from London that's tapping into the Mumfordian strategy of energized, buskery folk/rock. Frontman Jack Balfour Scott's cracking, croaking vocals add a peculiar drama and vulnerability to the mix of jittery guitar pluckings, sublime harmonies and caffeinated rhythmic kick on songs like "Brother" (click through to listen). We particularly "You Hold", heard below in a live take (video after the jump), a track that places Scott's distinctive warble in a more mellow musical setting while maintaining an undercurrent of tension. "There are folk elements to our sound but any die hard folk fans would probably cringe if they heard we'd been placed in that category. Everyone has a different take on it, so we'll just let people decide for themselves.” Stay tuned...

The Mispers - "You Hold" (Live)

The Mispers - "Brother"