RADAR: The Bronze Medal

"Masters of slow build indie minimal" says The Times (U.K.) of The Bronze Medal, a Bristol-based band that have been, true to form, methodically constructing a growing cadre of critical support since their launch in 2009. A handful of artful folk-meets-post/rock EP's and online tracks have now led the band to Iceland where the recording of a proper full-length is underway, laying down new songs and (we hope) new versions of past favorites with producer/engineer Valgeir Sigurðsson. The intimate and dreamy "Milk" is a gently simmering gem that ebbs and flows at its own tip-toed pace, slowly peeling back one instrumental layer after another behind singer Robin Southwell's near-whisper delivery. Click through below to stream DC fave "No Hospitals" -- you'll wait nearly three minutes before the vocals arrive (be patient) -- and catch a few live videos.

The Bronze Medal - "Milk"

The Bronze Medal - "No Hospitals"