RADAR: Story Books

Hailing from Kent (actually the Isle of Sheppey, off the coast) in the U.K., Story Books have been quietly building some low-keyed blogosphere buzz across the pond, thanks to an exceptionally promising 2012 single, "Peregrine" and a string of sold-out shows. Now the good folks at Communion, the label co- founded by Ben Lovett of Mumford and Sons and producer Ian Grimble, are in the picture with the band's forthcoming EP Too Much A Hunter arriving April 28 via the respected imprint. Tony Doogan (Belle & Sebastian, Hey Rosetta!) produced the new EP including the lead track "Simple Kids." Whip smart and with armed with some sharp hooks, "Kids" resonates with some weighty piano chords, spiralling guitar lines and a panoramic melody brought home with understated style by frontman Kristofer Harris. Catch them at SXSW if you can and stream "Peregrine" (and watch the video) below...

Story Books - 'Simple Kids' (from Too Much A Hunter)

Story Books - 'Peregrine' (from Too Much A Hunter)