RADAR: Snowbird

Snowbird is the romantic and creative pairing of ex-Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde and American singer and songwriter Stephanie Dosen. The two originally met when Dosen began work on her '07 album A Lily for the Spectre for Raymonde's Bella Union label and, amid mutual admiration and affection, they decided to expand their work together. As we noted in our 2010 RADAR, "the music of Snowbird centers on Dosen's luminously expressive singing and elegant songs that radiate with a fairy tale charm and finely honed, resplendent melodies light enough to vanish into thin air." Thanks to Dosen's visa problems, debut album moon (January TBA) is the result of the duo's London-to-North-Carolina transatlantic digital swappings: Raymonde's piano-based instrumentals and Dosen's vocal arrangements. New track "Porcelain" is, as expected, dipped deep in the dreamy ether of Dosen's airy voice and Raymonde's lush, surprisingly spare production. Guests include Jonathan Wilson, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway along with Midlake's Eric Pulido and McKenzie Smith but Raymonde is quick to point out that "this is very much Stephanie's record." Click through for early track "Where Foxes Hide."

Snowbird - "Porcelain" (from moon)

Snowbird - "Where Foxes Hide" (Early demo)