RADAR: Satellites

The details about Satellites remain as elusive and ethereal as the 43 minutes of solemn, grandiose art/pop found in the succinctly titled debut album Satellites.01. What we do know is that this is basically a one-man band, a multi-instrumentalist ex-Londoner who goes by the name of Johnny Vic who now lives in Copenhagen. We also know from the music -- melancholic, melodramatic, majestic, just to go with three "m's" -- is heavily influenced in the puffery prog/pop of Coldplay and Snow Patrol (one scribe described it as "Gary Lightbody moonlighting with Sigur Ros") but we also hear the more intimate elements of Matt "Aqualung" Hales in the chilly, detached reveries taking careful flight. The multiple accompanying black and white videos at the Satellites site reinforce the idea that there's some significant and thoughtful effort behind this lush, mysterious music. For starters, check out the beautifully executed "Rail Line" and "Where Love Lies Bleeding", a song that turns a simple chord progression and wistful lyrics into something, if not wholly original, at least larger than life. Dropped in limited release last year, .01 is getting an expanded distribution in the U.K. and Europe this month as we get word of model .02 due this spring.

Satellites - 'Railway Line' (from Satellites .02)

Satellites - 'Where Love Lies Bleeding' (from Satellites .02)

Hey! No Pics! We told you this guy was hard to pin down...