UPDATE: BOY have been signed to Nettwerk with an early 2013 release scheduled for the debut. From our post in April:

The definitely non-boy Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass are BOY, a Hamburg-based duo armed with a bundle of smart, often breezy alt-pop songs on their well-received debut album Mutual Friends, released last fall in Germany and Switzerland and the U.K. this past June. After meeting up at music workshop in Hamburg, Steiner and Glass began writing and performing together and then, over a nearly two and half year period, laying down tracks in Berlin at the home studio of producer and multi-instrumentalist Philipp Steinke. "We made about 10 versions of most of the songs," says Sonja. "So they have evolved over the course of time. And some of them have ended up sounding completely different from the way they began." Mutual Friends alternates easily from brightly colored, uptempo tracks such as "Little Numbers (youtube video views: 3.5 6.5 million - watch below) to the thoughtful introspective "Drive Darling" and album closer "July".

BOY - "This Is the Beginning" (from Mutual Friends)

BOY - "Oh Boy" (from Mutual Friends)