RADAR: Pillars and Tongues

Chicago-bred trio Pillars and Tongues perform an interesting hybrid of luxurious and methodically paced art-rock and languid, ultra-chilled and loping, tape-loop-y alternative pop. At times soundling like a drugged David Byrne fronting a band made up of Avalon-era Roxy Music, Dead Can Dance and Portishead at their dreamiest, P+T dive deep into the dark recesses of progressive music while creating their own brand of dramatic and modestly epic modern songcraft. New album End-dances (September 17) doesn't have the stretched-out experimental tone of the band's earlier works (their 2008 Protection boasted three 14-minute excursions) but the tightening of their visionary focus allows for wider general admission into their dark, gloomy melodic meditations. "Points of Light" drifts nicely through the clanging, string-backed synth-etic stratosphere, vocalists Mark Trecka and Beth Remis' bending their voices in service of the beautifully-arranged art/pop hymn. Click through below to stream "Knifelike."

Pillars and Tongues - "Points of Light" (from the album End-dances)

Pillars and Tongues - "Knifelike" (from the album End-dances)