RADAR: Olivia Chaney

A recently named nominee for Best Emerging Artist in the BBC 2 Folk Awards, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Olivia Chaney has been both a critic's delight and something of an under-the-radar underachiever. Over the past few years, Chaney has kept busy touring both the U.K. and the U.S., guesting in the studio for various projects (including trip-hop duo Zero 7), reinventing Amy Winehouse's "He Can Only Hold Her" (here) and generally, quietly making a name for herself. But for actual recorded output there's been only a six-track self-titled EP released this past spring. Steeped in the British folk world, Chaney performs what she calls "trad" songs and writes some fine ones herself. But, she says simply, "I don't want to make an album that fits into any world." We can't wait to hear how that works out when her long-awaited debut album arrives in 2014 via Nonesuch. "Olivia Chaney sings in the way that trained dancers move when left to their own devices," observes U.K. folk mag fRoots. And it's true -- this is one of those rare, effortlessly spellbinding voices that impresses with the most natural loveliness imaginable. Click through to stream "False Love" a few videos.

Olivia Chaney - "No. 9"

Olivia Chaney - "False Love"