RADAR: Mt. Wolf

The ambient fusion of dreamy art/folk and electronica is the eclectic mix on display from London quartet Mt. Wolf and their forthcoming second EP Hypolight (April 8). “It’s electronic sounding but it’s not harsh,” says guitarist Sebastian ‘Bassi’ Fox. “Soft basslines, a lot of reverb on the samples to blend them. It’s a crafted thing, it takes a while." The centerpiece of any Mt. Wolf song is the vocal wonder of Kate Sproule, a singer who manages to sound both eerie and angelic -- often at the same time. Evoking the more pastoral side of Kate Bush, Sproule adds a warm human touch to the band's chilly plugged in production and brings the expansive sound down to a more intimate level. Check out the amazing atmospheres of Hypolight's title track, an echoing hymn with a bass line that will give your woofer a run for its money. Stream "Veins", also from the EP, after the jump...

Mt. Wolf - 'Hypolight' (from the Hypolight EP)

Mt. Wolf - 'Veins' (from the Hypolight EP)