RADAR: Marika Hackman

Forgive us for sensing what we thought was a uniquely chilly Scandinavian vibe from Brighton-based British songstress Marika Hackman. Maybe it was the name. Or perhaps the distant, detached style that marks the songs from her forthcoming debut EP That Iron Taste. Whatever it is, Hackman's particularly bleak, world-weary approach has caught the ear of a number of Brit critics and radio types and drawn comparisons to Nico and Syd Barrett of all people. Like the works from those enigmatic legends, Hackman's songs have a dark underside of mystery while exposing an edge that's more serrated than scalpel sharp. When she sings of cutting off her nose and the blood running down her cheek in "Cannibal" the cool, collected and cold-blooded manner with which she dispenses the lyrics may strike some as bordering on the creepy. Still, there's an oddly remote flicker of redemption in the Laura Marling-styled acousticism on display here, a feeling that, yes, we're ready to go down Hackman's bleak and shadowy path just to see what lies ahead. Note: Hackman opens for Ethan Johns in London this week and next before heading off on her own headlining dates in the U.K. Stream "Cannibal" and watch a fine acoustic version video of the song after the jump...

Marika Hackman - 'Retina Television' (from That Iron Taste EP)

Marika Hackman - 'Cannibal' from That Iron Taste EP)