RADAR: Lyla Foy

Lyla Foy, the artist formerly known as WALL, is a British songwriter and producer who received some critical and bloggy intertubes buzz when she released her DIY and aptly-titled Shoe String EP earlier this year. With hushed vocals and accompanying herself on keyboards and programmed rhythms, Foy turned a simple production base to her benefit as she crafted songs that rested completely on her fine-tuned ear for ethereal melodies and even more ethereal singing. Imagine that feeling of someone delicately waking you from a long sleep with a half-whispered song in your ear and you'll get the idea of Foy's skills at low-keyed seduction. New single "Easy" (December 9) carries a little more weight on its bones thanks to some actual studio time and a U.S. label deal and projected 2014 full-length with the good folks at Sub Pop. Click through to hear the exquisite Karen Dalton cover "Something On Your Mind."

Lyla Foy - "Easy"

Lyla Foy - "Something On Your Mind" (Karen Dalton Cover)