RADAR: Luke Sital-Singh

Blissful folk hymns that fall somewhere between the acoustic pomp of Damien Rice and the moody falsetto laments of Justin "Bon Iver" Vernon are the stock in trade of 24-year-old Londoner Luke Sital-Singh. Lead track "Fail For Your" is a harmonious choral masterwork that has turned a number of critical heads ("knocked out" says the usually unflappable Paul Lester of The Guardian, "a real beauty") and Sital-Singh's has become something of an unsigned alt/folk indie buzzfest in England. And for good reason: "Fail" is a brilliant and perfectly crafted gem. But there's also more to like on Sital-Singh's debut 3-track EP and with anyone who says "I like showing off" we've only begun to scratch the creative surface.

Luke Sital-Singh - "Fail For You"

Luke Sital-Singh - "You Love You Love"