RADAR: Light Parades

It's fitting that a song titled "The Grandest of Gestures" kick off Through All Times, the just-released debut from Light Parades, a Brit indie alt/pop band led by singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist Daniel Hopkinson. This is a band comfortable mixing in big melodies and dramatic flourishes into their shimmering folk/pop songs, jangling guitars and sweeping piano lines providing the backdrop for Hopkinson's reedy, slightly quavering vocals. Some bands are born amidst a raucous live stage setting. Others, like Light Parades, are more comfortable creating in the dim light and quiet of a studio, allowing notes hang in the air and building layers of sound with plenty of space to surround each riff, chord and cymbal splash. At times meditative, at times artfully theatric, songs like "Sparkle" (listen after the jump) and "The Grandest of Gestures" have an unhurried and finely detailed elegance. Stream the full album here.

Light Parades - 'The Grandest of Gestures' (from Through All Times)

Light Parades - 'Sparkle' (from Through All Times)