RADAR: Laura Welsh

London is littered with the remains of "next big thing" alt-pop divas, hyped-up singers (with the occasional songwriter tag attached) dramatically offered up in a big marketing roll out and then usually disappearing like a shower of sparks fading in the night. Adele may be the gold (and multi-platinum) standard but we sure end up getting handed an awful lot of brass rings. But Laura Welsh just might be the exception. Last December, Laura and Dev Hynes (aka Lightspeed Champion) retreated to a studio and new track "Unravel" is the result, a sultry shuffle-beat cocktail, shaken gently with a 70's R+B twist and served straight up. We could drag out the usual litany of gushing adjectives but this time around we're going to let Ms. Welsh speak (or sing) for herself. We're equally enamored of Welsh's earlier two releases -- "Hollow Drum" and the goosebump inducing "Call To Arms" -- click through and listen. Free "Unravel" download here.

Laura Welsh - 'Unravel'

Laura Welsh - 'Hollow Drum'

Laura Welsh - 'Call To Arms'