What began a few years ago as some rough home-made demo recordings of songs by Thomas Savage has now become Kins, a Brighton-based U.K. indie band that's already making some solid inroads into the U.S. The quartet's eponymous debut album, released this past summer overseas to strong reviews, has now been announced for a January 28 drop stateside along with a six-city U.S. tour beginning mid-January (dates below). On the surface, Kins songs sport the usual indie cred: angular, guitar-based melodies built atop a jagged rhythmic base, Savage's voice a mix of untrained warble and muted angst. But dig a little below the discordant surface and you'll find some interesting art-rock embellishments that add a subtle depth and dimension. Of particular note in the band's evolution is the new B-side "Opsimplistic," a song that tempers the band's usual simmering tension with a more polished gleam. Click through to stream (and watch) lead single "Aimless." Stream the full album at Soundcloud.

Kins - "Opsimplistic" Free Download

Kins - "Aimless" (from the album Kins) Free Download