RADAR: Kate Martin

Unlike most of her acoustic-guitar-toting, singer/songwriting Aussie peers, Kate Martin prefers the dreamy, reverbed sound of an electric Fender Strat -- a choice that edges the 22-year-old's songs into distinctive art-pop territory. New single "Awaken" is an aptly titled preview for her forthcoming third album due early 2014, a dazzling display of finger-picked fretwork, marching beat and driving bass line that dramatically delivers on the promise of her earlier work, particularly 2012's fine Hand Me My Bow and Arrow. “I don’t want to be limited by genre. I want to always remain diverse and spontaneous by running with whatever ideas inspire me at the time,” says Martin. “However, my signature will always be embedded in each of my tracks in some way, shape or form.” Click through below to stream "Apples" and view a live version of "Awaken."

Kate Martin - "Awaken"

Kate Martin - "Apples" (from Hand Me My Bow and Arrow)