RADAR: Joyce The Librarian

The gentle folk melodies of Joyce The Librarian -- aka Bristol, U.K. singing songwriter Martin Callingham and band -- are so light and airy as to nearly drift off in their own weightlessness. The tones are measured, the chord progressions simple but effective, the softly beating pulse as understated as can be. But there's also a subtle beauty in the resulting songs as Callingham's wisp of a voice is backed up by the pickings of an acoustic guitar, a sweep of cello, the occasional plush comfort of muted brass. Ali Chant-produced debut album They May Put Land Between Us (November 5 UK, Folkwit) is led by the nimble tip-toeing single "Follow Me I'm Right Behind You" (video below), two-and-a-half minutes of harmonied folk/pop that is both earnest, tiny-hooked hum-a-long and witty, winking ditty. We've also taken a shine to "Land", a track that treads lightly into arty chamber-pop territory with a lovely instrumental arrangement.

Joyce The Librarian - "Follow Me I'm Right Behind You" (from The Might Put Land Between Us)

Joyce The Librarian - "Land" (from The Might Put Land Between Us)