RADAR: Holy Milk

Holy Milk joins the legion of young Brit bands like Arthur Beatrice, London Grammar and Mt. Wolf who are quietly crafting ambient dream-pop around post-Portishead-meets-xx electronica grooves and, coincidentally, the serene, if occasionally dispassionate-sounding, fronting female vocalists. Holy Milk takes the formula (so to speak) one step darker and deeper, simultaneously warming and cooling the proceedings like a mentholated rub for the inner ear. Bottom line: it's a soothing medication that may also haunt your dreams. Guitarist/vocalist Lucinda John-Durante is the chilly siren in question here, a singer of understated elegance who can turn a hypnotic, headnodding 3am track like "Born and Die" into something far greater than the sum of it's gently swaying parts. Click through for "Confusing the Wind" where John-Duarte asks "do you want to give me bruises? / do you want to hold my hand?”

Holy Milk - "Born and Die"

Holy Milk - "Confusing the Wind"