RADAR: Highasakite

"Hold my hair while I vomit" sings Highasakite frontwoman Ingrid Håvik in "Son of a Bitch", the provocative and strangely appealing track that serves as the sharp opening jab from the Norwegian band's U.S. debut EP In and Out of Weeks (March 5). Formed out the duo of Håvik on zither (yay!) and vocals and drummer Trond Bersu, Highasakite expanded their sound with producer/guitarist Thomas Dahl and electronics wiz Øystein Skar, creating exuberant percussive pop grounded in melodic hooks and Håvik's tumbling lyrical wordplay. Classic 60's pop a la Phil Spector's patented "wall of sound" production permeates tracks like "Indian Summer" and the rhythmic-driven "My Soldier" while the skittering title track glides by on a myriad of inventive time signatures and Havik's alternating serene and soaring vocals. A new full-length album is in the works for late 2013. Watch/stream "Indian Summer" below.

Highasakite - 'Son of a Bitch' (from In and Out of Weeks)

Highasakite - 'Indian Summer' (from In and Out of Weeks)