RADAR: George Ezra

Bristol-based neo-folk acoustician George Ezra pricked up a few ears this year with a buzzed performance at Glastonbury, leading BBC DJ and critical gatekeeper Zane Lowe to spin his song "Budapest" on the U.K. airwaves and bestow on the rather large-voiced 19-year-old the title of Next Hype (which we're guessing is a good thing). Not much can be found about young Ezra on the ol' interwebs, but based on "Budapest" and a few live things on youtube (check out the blustery, angst-ridden "Did You Hear The Rain" below) we're thinking that Lowe's award just might be pretty much on target. Ezra, who was praised by the Beeb for his "raw, delicious tone," is promising a debut EP next month.

George Ezra - "Budapest" (Free Download)