RADAR: Fleurie

Singer/songwriter Lauren Strahm has taken the moniker of Fleurie as her artistic alias, a French word that, appropriately for this budding young artist, is translated as "in bloom." Bio details are scant for the Michigan-raised Strahm but we do know that she's spent some time in Australia before settling in the haven for budding songwriters: Nashville. New EP Fear and Fable is a wonder of mostly soft restraint, Strahm's cool, airy vocals the ideal dispassionate instrument for the direct, occasionally brutal, lyrics at the center of her songs. There's a bit of Regina Spektor in the more upbeat lead tracks "All The Lines" and "We Were Young" while the gorgeous piano-backed ode "Chasing All The Stars" exemplifies the Fleurie way with a delicately constructed confessional ballad. Click through to stream "All The Lines" and check out the EP at her Soundcloud page.

Fleurie - "Chasing All The Stars" (from Fear and Fable)

Fleurie - "All The Lines" (from Fear and Fable)