RADAR: Elizabeth & The Catapult

The history of New York's fine art/popping Elizabeth and the Catapult could also serve as an instructive primer for any budding artist. The early days banging around Brooklyn and Lower East Side clubs selling self-made EP's. The major label signing and two intelligent, whimsical but sadly overlooked and underplayed albums  -- 2007's Taller Children and 2010's The Other Side of Zero. The butting heads with label suits over style and direction. The suddenback-to-indie status -- and, as the inevitable 2012 coda, a fan-funded relaunch via Pledgemusic. Songwriter/frontwoman Elizabeth Ziman is set to tackle not one but two new projects this year, a new EP produced by "one of my fave artists/producers" Richard Swift and a full-length album recorded with her Catapult-ers Danny Molad, Pete Lalish and Paul Loren. Ziman says she's looking for a more simple and stripped approach thanks to Swift's influence but we're guessing each will deliver her baroque-meet-jazzy-meets-retro sophistication and swooningly beautiful balladry. There's a reason Anne Hathaway prepped for her singing in Les Mis while listening to Ziman's "Thank You For Nothing" (listen below). As a sneak peak, check out the demo for the new album's frisky title track:

Elizabeth & the Catapult - 'Like It Never Happened' (Demo)
Elizabeth & the Catapult "Thank You For Nothing" (from The Other Side of Zero)