Maybe it's the chilly Scandinavian climate and legendary cool  demeanor but Sweden's Ef sure know how to warm things up without getting too, well, sentimental in their quest for arty chamber/pop and post/rock grandeur. Everything sounds as big and crisply detailed as the starry winter night sky, a curiously compelling musical mix that echoes Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Skyand a touch of Denmark's orchestral wonders Efterklang. The band has been quietly been creating their lengthy, mostly instrumental compositions for a decade and new album Ceremonies (September 6) promises an even greater cinematic-sounding refinement with regal guitar lines, horns, strings, synths and thundering rhythms -- along with a stately vocal or two adding a little accessible icing to the cake. For a gloriously rich preview check out lead track "Bells Bleed and Bloom". More music on their Soundcloud.

Ef - 'Bells Bleed & Bloom' (from Ceremonies)